3 ways to make filling
a prescription easier

If you wish your pharmacy experience
was a smoother and more pleasant one,
here are a few ideas that can help.

3 ways to make filling a prescription easier

If you wish your pharmacy experience was a smoother and more pleasant one, here are a few ideas that can help.

April 11, 2023 | 3 minute read

People are turning to the convenient option of online pharmacies because of the variety of advantages they offer. Since our time of quarantining during Covid, one benefit most online pharmacies hear is how much easier and more hassle-free the experience has been than their visits to the retail pharmacy. No more standing in line, no more time wasted traveling and no more long holds on the phone waiting to talk to a pharmacist.

Below are 3 ways to make filling your prescriptions a smooth and more pleasant experience.

  1. Find a pharmacy team that will partner with your health care provider.

    At DiRx, we aim to make the hassle of transferring a prescription as smooth as possible. The fastest and most streamlined way to fill your prescription is to have your health care provider’s office send the prescription directly to us. We make it easy; your provider can e-prescribe directly to DiRx (NCPDP #5707801) or fax to 833-347-9329. After finding your medicine on our website, choose the strength, form and supply based on your prescription and place your order.

    Creating a personal DiRx account simplifies the process of managing, tracking and reordering your medicines next time. You can also use the account to create profiles for all your family members, including your pets, so it is a breeze to manage everyone’s medicine needs all in one place.

    With our expert pharmacy team’s extended hours and exceptionally rated customer care, we’re here when you need us. Our goal is to make focusing on what matters-your health and wellness, as painless as possible.

  2. Choose to have your prescriptions managed with an auto-refill option.

    DiRx can automatically refill your medicines for the duration of your prescription if you choose an auto-refill option at checkout. We’ll send you reminders before each refill to give you peace of mind that everything is moving smoothly, and your medicine is on its way. This also gives you the chance to update your personal information, if needed. In addition to no longer having to remember to refill your prescription each month, DiRx auto-refills provide you with added savings and allow you to lock in your pricing for a year. Plus, you’ll receive your orders automatically with free shipping.

  3. Consider a flat fee prescription plan.

    It has gotten even harder for people to plan and budget for medicines, the way they can with some other expenses. The cost for prescriptions fluctuates so that each time an individual goes to the pharmacy, they may pay a different price. A flat fee prescription plan is a simple choice for anyone on a budget or managing multiple prescriptions.

    With the DiRx Annual Savings Plan you simply pay one annual payment and that gives you access to up to 1,000 eligible medicines at no extra charge; making planning ahead no sweat. No matter how many prescriptions or refills you have, one flat annual fee covers them all—if they’re included in your plan. There is no limit on the number of medications that can be ordered as part of the Annual Savings Plan, either. Just place your order with your valid US prescription and pay nothing. Our customers don’t need coupons to get the best price, and are never surprised by hidden fees that some other pharmacies sneak in. We strive to keep the experience of buying medicine straightforward and uncomplicated. It’s essential to our mission to supply affordable medicine for all.

Whether you have one prescription or many, DiRx is here to help make your prescription-filling experience easier.

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